Jonatan Galindo Alvarez

Past Games

You have to manage to escape from the room combining the knowledge between the 2 perspectives of cosmology, investigating the laboratory of a scientist and a hall of ancient Rome.
It's getting late and you are falling asleep. You wake up in a dream world and soon realizes you are not in your own dreams.
Safe as home is a game about a child either overcoming his most dark fears or surrendering to them. You must face a horde of monsters only with the help of your chandelier to avoid them. They fear t
Cholazo o galleta is a two-player game in which you can embody the typical lunch hour from the point of view of a Canarian infant, which will have the goal of sweetening your mouth before your mother
Abby's a sweet little girl who's always out chasing butterflies. This time her adventures brought her too far from her home, deep into the woods. Take Abby´s hand and help her find the wa
It's dinner time! Play an intense food fight with your brothers and sisters and be the last one standing! This is a round-based game.