Jon Huarte Martínez

Past Games

You and your friends go to the pyramids and get drunk, unfortunally, one of your frieds die, and your nerd do a ritual to summon Anubis and resurrect him, but summon a god is hard, and another entitys
Every morning during the festival of San Fermín, there is a parade of giants and big-heads. Ones of them are the kilikis: caricaturesque, but human-like figures that are carried as helmets. Kilikis
Te enfrentas a la prueba más dura de tu vida. 12 pubs, 12 pintas y una gran aventura de locura y alcohol entre pub y pub.
The Village is a kind of resource management game where you play the role of a god, and your believers (dumb tribal people) are the resources.
You and your pal must follow the clues to find the Flujagegaimen.
Welcome to the war of civilzombi against aliens.