jon garay

Past Games

Your Family is Big, and your House small.
Plataformas versus de dos jugadores. El objetivo consiste en llevar la batería a casa. Para ello tendrás que darle cabezazos a tu contrincante y evitar que te lo quite.
"Runner" versus de dos jugadores. Cada jugador tiene que esquivar los obstáculos en una pista infinita. El jugador que no colisione con ninguno gana.
Frenetic LAN shooter! Destroy your invisible enemies with your wave gun! Beware of being exposed by the explosion waves. *Be careful with the Windows firewall the first time playing.
You and your friends go to the pyramids and get drunk, unfortunally, one of your frieds die, and your nerd do a ritual to summon Anubis and resurrect him, but summon a god is hard, and another entitys
Every morning during the festival of San Fermín, there is a parade of giants and big-heads. Ones of them are the kilikis: caricaturesque, but human-like figures that are carried as helmets. Kilikis