johan spielmann

Past Games

The evil Dark Javer wants to trigger Armageddon. Our last hope: Agent Valjean, super spy specialist in transmission interception... Le diabolique Dark Javer veut déclencher l’Armageddon.
Wave Jammer est un jeu de Sport vocal. Générez grâce à votre voix les vagues telluriques afin d'envoyer le ballon dans le panier adverse. A la fin du temps celui qui à marqué le plus de points
So you're being chased. It's running faster than you, and will be upon you any second. What're you gonna do ?
Aliens are hiding in a virtual demonstration generated by tweets. Kill them all! Read the tweets carefully to discover these from #URANUS and shoot them. If you accidentally silence a real demonstrator, you'll be able to revive him making a retweet of his original tweet. But will it be worth the pain? Play it live there :
To Gotcha all Princesses you will have to Kiss and make them fall in Love with you. Avoid to do it in front of others : jealous Princesses will turn into Donkeys and charge you. To succeed you have to Kun Kun Pecho Pecho all the Princesses using the arrow keys !