Past Games

You're a low tier god that wants to do good for the world by answering prayers. The problem is that sometimes you don't always have the best answers.
A 2-player AR game using a globe, in which one player tries to transmit diseases while the other player tries to cure them.
Team game where players play as small Tako trying to collect ink and deliver it to the goal! Two players are on each team, ink is spawned on each side of the map.
Dude! Demon bros just showed up on your turf! They are acting real eggy bro, talkin' about how they are going to steal your water or some jazz.
You are the burrito delivery cat for quadrant 5-A, of Galaxy WHATEVER. Your mission is to deliver space burritos safely to their destination planet. The twist?
A point-and-click adventure exploring a mysterious old room from the perspectives of two different times.