Joep Aben

Past Games

VR game where you kill librarians that try to shut you up by screaming at them.
A kid wants to be an alchemist and goes into the Alchemists' Cave to perform various alchemist-y rituals!
What do you do in a perfect world? A world with nothing to improve and nothing left to add?
What happens when NPC's start acting outside of the expectations of a gamer? Do they see a friend? An enemy?
A game about death and rebirth. In a world inspired by the universe: endlessness, and the ocean: the birthplace of life, primitive flowers repeat the cycle of life over and over again.
A game that uses music as the key ingredient for solving puzzles and will challenge you to think beyond the obvious. A game that is not all that it seems to be. Puzzle your way through the wonderful ambience of Resonance.