Joe Bubaganoosh

Past Games

You're a race car driver that gets very motion sick and vomits if you drive too eratically. Next lap you gotta try and avoid all those chunks!
It's tee-off time but where has the hole gone? Be guided only using the hints of 'warmer' or 'colder' with each stroke as you search for the hole.
It's the final minutes of your shift cleaning the art gallery, when you accidentally spill turpentine over a priceless painting!
Having very similar childhoods, we both grew up in small country towns in Western Australia. On holidays our families would have to drive between 8 and 16 hours to get to our destination.
You're desperate to prove to your town, your family and the world that you're not crazy and that the elusive Sasquatch is real!!
An evil regime has taken over your home! You both have to send secret messages to each other over the wall and take them back to headquarters to make waves and start a revolution!
No matter where you are in time, we'll be bought together with a beat!
When you crash in space, what happens next?
Find Heart is a linear graphic novel adventure......oh just play it already :) Controls: Left click - move to next panel. Right click - move to previous panel We hope you enjoy it