Jodon Karlik

Past Games

You are a pastry chef in VR that has finished a wedding cake for someone's big day. The problem is all the mice are now stealing the cake!
Interior Designer 101 is a game where players work together to furnish a brand new procedurally generated home.
A botched bank heist and only one way out! You play as either Overwatch Commander or Thief, working together to navigate security to collect the final prize and escape to the getaway car.
Mother Nature vs Humanity
multiplayer eye tracking freeze tag
Heaven and Hell are currently battling it out for the control of the mortal realm. You take it upon yourself to thin out these warring parties and bring balance to the force...s of good and evil.
Noah's Space Ark(Odyssey) There is a massive comet approaching Earth. Noah needs to start loading Earth animals into his Ark to save them from extinction. The animals can sense the impending doom coming too. They all try to stampede their way onto Noah's Ark. Noah has quotas to fill so he can not take on every animal. He has cannons on board the ship to knock down the raging hordes, but he soon realizes he is running out of ammunition. What is he to do? In an epiphany he realizes he can use the animals against themselves. He can fire the excess animals onboard into the horde to lessen their numbers, while meeting his quota...
With a detective close on his heals, a punk dons monastic robes and tries to hide amongst the members of a monastery.

Hearty Games