Past Games

A mix of Death Stranding with Tetris. Make deliveries by constructing paths with Tetris pieces.
The Cozy Things is a game about getting out of your comfort zone and dealing with that choice.
A game about planes playing ping pong with bullets. A coop multiplayer game where you have to kill waves of enemies with your friend (but you can only kill them by playing ping pong with your bulle
Party Waving is a multiplayer game for up to 8 players.
Magic Goat project is a platformer/shooter game inspired by megaman and shadow of the colossus. All the level is in the back of a giant monster, awaken by the shaman's ritual.
Think Different is a plataform/puzzle game that have a new mechanic every new level. In one level you have infinite jumps, in the other you must die to become a ghost to cross walls.