Joaquim Obispo

Past Games

Yin-Yang - The Journey of the Lost and Found is a 2 player local-multiplayer game about Yin & Yang which are Lost and need to find each other.
In The sea mechanic you are on a moving boat, which keeps getting damaged. You need to scavenge for resources in the water in order to repair your boat using wood found in the water. When you don�
You can probably guess who the main character of our story is. She lives alone and loves to bake and is very near sighted, practically blind.
When we are at the doors ends we tend to think of all what would happen to us when we leave this world.
A 3D platformer where player plays as a cute penguin called Penpen the p̶o̶s̶t̶m̶e̶n̶ postpen who has to deliver his mails by riding the 'waves' to reach his destination.
A young shaman finds himself in the woods. He must collect ceremonial artifacts across the world to perform these rituals, granting him the ability to transform into creatures.
Travel trough time and game space to reach the ultimate goal. Real life VR!

Hearty Games