Joan Nobile

Past Games

You're Vicky, a young adult who is trying to find old memories of her mother.
You and your friends somehow all managed to end your first semester in college with a 0.5 GPA. You all have one semester to raise your GPA before being thrown out of college.
An experimental game about a witch during the longest night.
Freshman Laura Cooper is in a bit of a jam - her dorm room is messy and bland! Help Laura decorate her dorm room by fighting hipsters for money and purchasing decor in downtown shops! <3
You're one of four DJs that works at a radio station in a post-apocalyptic city.
Caro's Petrifying Dream is a side-scrolling platformer modeled in the style of The Legend of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. In the dead of the night a young priestess awakens from a nightmare.
A story about a robot, a girl, and their sad routine.