Past Games

Ch'hon'q is your average eldritch alien from out of the sky, who's brained itself on the top of a skyscraper.
Lead your crew of cats to a new life in the stars. Just make sure to repair your ship! After cats and dogs have usurped mankind as the dominant species, the Earth has become inhospitable.
~ WINNER of Global Game Jam Austin 2019 "Best Title" ~ Game Description: In 2020, an alien armada descended on the heart of the nation.
You board an abandoned spaceship to find clues to an unsolved mystery only to find that it's being overrun by aliens. Time is running out--and so are your resources!
This is a co-op puzzle platformer in which you transmit Morse Code signals near interactable objects to activate and push or pull objects to navigate the level.
Use soundwaves to locate and then destroy the enemy!
Make the cave paintings dance correctly to the beat!
A haunted house, a pay-per-call psychic and an exorcism. What could go wrong? In this game, you have just inherited the home of a recently deceased elderly family member.
When we are out in the world, we see ourselves in those we encounter and modify that assumption through our experiences. There is an aura of perception around you.