Past Games

A hardware project with Arduino Pro Micro and and ILI9341 compatible 2.4" TFT.
You, an epic sockplorer, are tasked with finding missing socks. Flying around in your spaceship, you can start your socklection.
Something has scrambled the genes of a flower!
You need a home. Homes are safe and make you feel sane. More homes are better than one. Gather resources, make hats, tend to your fire.
A rhythm game where you input morse code that's determined by the other players text. Controls Player 1 writes text in the text box.
HEADPHONES AND GAMEPAD RECOMMENDED Replicate a sine wave with a simple oscilloscope that changes in wavelength and amplitude, and try to keep up.
Choose who you sacrifice. A roaming band of 12 tribesmen need to find totems and make a great sacrifice to the darkness that is about to envelop them.
Players must communicate and cooperate with each other to do even the simplest of tasks. From two to four players, two gamepads required. Sometimes even getting out of the house can be quite...
MOODS is a platformer puzzler where the level elements change according to your mood. A and D moves, SPACE jumps and 1 through 4 changes the mood you are currently in. Unfortunately the Angry m
Virtual boardgame for tablets and touchscreens.