Past Games

Good and Evil. Servants. Giant divinities... try not to smash your minions. Use AWD (to go forward and to rotate) and SPACE (to check the "duality").
You are a robot. You awake in an unknown place. Without arms. Someone stole them. Can you find them? Use WASD for moving, and mouse pointer to face your enemies.
Players have to fix the heart factory. You need to maintain all the machines add stuff, so there are not much-broken stuff together. Players have to resolve a little puzzle to fix the broken down.
Lost in your world. Surrounded by Doubt, Lonliness... Try to get back Home. You Will know how. Fell the environment to find it. Follow your heart.
An evil mad scientist is willing to try his new zombification formula.
Surfing Light Beams in Space. How cool is that? You cannot die, just avoid the asteroids until the end. You lose "Awesomeness" when you collide with them.