Past Games

Harm Charm is a resource management game using traditional turn based RPG elements.
A lost friend needs to be found. (Be sure to play again after you win.)
A 2v2 table-top game where you co-operate with your partner in selecting the right tools for the right work while indirectly hinting on what needs to be done for the job.
You are DOG and with his family moving into a new home you have to help them put items in the rooms of what each person likes.
Choreo-Mania tells the tale of an advanced alien race. that has developed the most efficient way to abduct all of humanity... by playing rad 80s music until they are forced to uncontrollably dance.
Starwake is a multiplayer competitive wave-based game... in more than one sense of the word.
Summoner is a game about a ritual we all particpate in year after year, without any concern over how it will affect our mental well being and physical health: The Global Game Jam.
A soldier who has never known any other life finds himself without a leader. Now what?
Gameplay theme: Mirrors affect reality.
Entry for the 2013 Global Game Jam. Created by Marcus and Jeremy.
Fu-tality is a sidescrolling shooter that takes the player through the infinite loop of the Ouroboros. Trying to survive is ultimately futile, however the more self destructive the player allows themselves to be, and the more risks they take by letting their enemies grow stronger, the more points they will get for ultimately destroying them.