Past Games

Using WSAD you must touch and possess your enemies of the opposite color before your time runs out! When enemies of the same color hit you, it takes some of your time away. When you take over a
Memory Game
In the year 2199, robots have gained sentience and have nearly destroyed humanity. In a top secret facility on Mars scientists have developed a way to combat the robotic menace.
This is a game about you, the commmander of a planet ship, travelling space, making friends and enemies, and gathering the resource stuffium.
It's your beautiful new Crappe Car! The transmission's smoking! Quick! Drive it to the mechanic's! There's no way you're gonna pay to tow it!
Player protects base against waves of enemies
Your species has been chosen. You have been picked to represent humanity. This is the Gauntlet of Ascension, every peerage race has undergone it. Humanity is no different.
Our game is a cooperative storytelling game about a group of friends attending Rocklin Highschool, and competing in a national science fair. It's a choose your own adventure story.
This game requires the MaKey MaKey to play! http://www.makeymakey.com/ A patient lies before you. Four doctors must massage and stimulate the heart of a dying man back to life. How to Play: Hook up your MaKey MaKey to 1 patient and 4 doctors. Each Doctor is in charge of a chamber of the heart; they must touch the patient in rhythm to massage the patient's heart back to life. The Cardio Heart Monitor will display what chamber requires stimulus, the doctor provides stimulus by touching the patient. The players win by resuscitating the patient, and lose if they overstimulate or cause the heart to seizure and fail. In Heart Attack mode, the patient is actively trying to cause a heart attack by inducing the wrong stimulus at improper times!

Hearty Games