Past Games

A pensive, introverted coder, Lawrence D. Dosser, finds himself stranded on a hostile planet, a powered mining exoskeleton his only protection from its dangers.
Rated R, not suitable for minors, includes heavy drinking. Mix drinks that are as potent as possible but still drinkable. The optimal ratio of alcohol to sweetness is 2 to 1.
Play in your browser, both desktop and mobile! You're a budding guitarist who's thrilled to have gotten in a band! But playing gigs isn't just about the music and the adoratio
You are a mouse, living inside a block of cheese. Don't let the nasty mold ruin your cheese, eat it before the mold grows too much!
You are an intergalactic frog shipper with a heating problem.
The player is tasked with passing through checkpoints on the stormy sea. The player can only see rain and the ships navigational instruments.
Asymmetric two player action / strategy game.
The best run n' gun game ever to be created on the face of the earth has fallen into the wrong hands.