Past Games

Drive a flamethrowing robot with four friends using Kinect 2.0 COBOTICO Design Jet Ternlund Ike Herman Stig Plantell Jon Casler Program Management Jet Ternlund Programming Ike Herm
Morsel Squash Legend accomplished the theme of GGJ 2014 through symbolic multiplayer cooperation.
You are in a nano ship and must protect the heart from viruses and giant viral bosses as you protect yourself from white blood cells which have mistaken you for a virus. You will travel through veins and arteries as you battle against your enemies. You can also bring a friend along to help you with 2 player coop mode.
Roll Position updates childhood nostalgia to pixel art futuristic high-intensity 8 PLAYER marble competition without split-screen! Panoramic action across 6 beautiful pixel-art levels.
The aim of the game is each player is given a set of creatures, with the goal of reproducing as fast as you can, and preventing the others from doing the same. Predators will spawn and can be lured by the other players to kill the opposing teams to accomplish that goal. The last player standing is the winner.
Control the forces of light and darkness. The world is yours to create or destroy as you see fit. Fool your opponent into helping you achieve your own goals, then sabotage their attempts. Only those who are clever will win this game of deception.