Past Games

This game was an introduction to learn and get excited for game development.
Face your fears, your nightmares, and survive!
Create, manage and maintain your Universe based on the manipulation of strings. Based on the principle of Strings Theory.
CardiovascuJam simulates the function of the human heart. The goal of the game is to prevent the fat cells clog and deteriorate the blowing artery in the top of the screen. For this, you must select and delete them through a number pattern (numberpad from 1 to 9) There are larger fat cells that motivate other fat cells to move faster. The blue cells have 2 lives and die with the click of the mouse. The "powerups" support the goal of the game.
Levels are not forever, are they? \ \ Videogame developed by José Eduardo Terán in ActionScript 1.0; and even though, I try hard to keep a very clean code, using a lot of comments and functions. \ \ I interpreted the theme as a game that never ends. \ \ I didn't gather a team so I did it all by myself. Hope you enjoy it.
After so long, the wait it's over: our planet Earth has condemned his mortal enemy, the human being, to total extinction for their crimes by altering apocalyptic Earth's surface. You, a Martian philanthropist and scholar, thinks that all life is beautiful, will have to move to a risky mission to save the last remaining humans and save them from total extinction.