Past Games

Dom to ludzie. Dom to rodzina. Dom to fandom, a najbliższą rodziną jest Twoja grupa od RPGów. Spradź, czy potrafisz balansować między preferencjami graczy tak, żeby każdy wyszedł z sesji zadowolony.
Our KrakJam entry
Grandma-driven game addional download link (temporary):
Game about a snail that likes to go fast. Ślimak, ślimak - wystaw rogi, dam Ci syra - na pierogi, żebyś śliski był i szybki żebyś dziś pokonał wszystki-ch.
Comming soon....
Whole family is gathering in the house for incoming wedding. Your role is to keep them in peace for all 7 days , otherwise the whole "wedding thing" is going to blow.
Game about destroying homes... Cat's homes. Shoot and destroy boxes of other cat.
A game for two players, running inside a treehouse and trying to beat each other with pillows and other stuff
Extreme relocation game - a lot of cataclysms are going to get you, so you have to move all your stuff to another flat. Updated builds can be downloaded from here:
Two signals on their way to destination zone.
A retro styled shooter game where the plot changes depending on localization (language selected) - English, Polish, Russian and Martian.
Average Joe is trying to watch his favorite team's play, but the whole world is against his hobby. Hit the TV to fix static and keep your rage meter in check.
Genders - Two. F***s given - ZERO.