Past Games

You win some, you dim sum.
Avian inclined? Like firing giant energy beams? Now you can! Find your true strength by balancing the elements and go boom boom as a bird.
A musical twin-stick shooter where you shoot down enemies with a powerful sonic beam! Tune your beam's frequency and match it with enemy frequencies for maximum damage.
Lost in space, our hero Jready needs to surf the soundscape to get back home. Keep up his groove by collecting music crystals!
Run-of-the-mill guy who studied hard and got a decent working job just like everyone told him to. As a result?
Super Death League is a 2vs2 top down sports game... with missles! Teams must maneuver a large spiky ball into their opponents net to score points.
Do-si-do a demonic dance at the cult house party of the year.
Welcome to Necro-Town, home of the world famous Necro-Factory (TM), where all the world's necromancers operate on brand, spanking re-animations.
Be wary of God's fury. Little monks controlled by XBOX controllers must escape the wrath of God.
A visual novel that explores the concept where the player is playing as an Non-Player Character in the game world and despairs over the thought of being trapped in the eternal scripted loop of an NPC.
Space Force is a 4 player coop Sci-Fi dungeon escape game. Work as a team to destroy evil robots, spider bots, and space goo as you explore and discover multiple routes and strategies.
The Curious Case of the Fruit Baskets is a 4 player, cooperative, reaction based game. The members of the Fruitfellows detective team is trapped in a haunted mansion, whose inhabitants want to make
Ran out of fuel. What do we do now? Manipulate gravity and survive!