Past Games

The story of SLAYING BOTH SIDES is set in a fictional universe in which home appliances and pets have dangerous conflicts with each other. The game's stage is a battlefield: Home appliance and p
The world was created in only six days, this is almost as short as a Global Game Jam. Land animals were designed during the last day in just a few minutes, it was a mess! God had to create the human
Tetris meets SimTower - Assemble your skyscraper while it sinks (and pollutes the oceans), but do not forget to take the resident behavioral obsessions into consideration!
A bunch of sneaky intruders are making a run across your lands. Their objective: Reach their spaceship and leave, to give away earth position by alerting their outer-space peers. You are moving from
I an alien - I in transit - Other aliens think they should pass first - I SHOW THEM. In this one-button brawler, aliens jump to generate waves that will send other aliens' over the edges.
Run from hell and reach the exit in a 5x5 tile based game, but be careful not to follow the same route twice
3 games, 3 characters... but just ONE BUTTON! The little girl jumps over the living obstacles - The superman-wannabe avoids the angry kittens - The lunatic is being chased by the lower-jaw monster...
4 cool monsters, but... which one is you? Bump, collide, drag your invisible self around your environment to understand who you are! You have 2 minutes!
A prototype of an art game following one man's life and how investing your heart into someone or something gets its toll from you. If you are stuck, look at the keyboard icon to the bottom-right of the screen. Still stuck? Try using the "H" key. The game is best played with the music on. If the music doesn't play, try using a different browser (Firefox worked for us!)
Save the 4 tribes from extinction! Keep the ecosystem balanced in this simple crisis management game.

Hearty Games