Jelmer Lukkien

Past Games

You found an old book from a master potion brewer, and now it's your turn to make the good stuff. Look through the environment to find the ingredients described in the book and make the potion o
In Twenty you are trapped in a fever dream from which you try to escape. Try to understand the world better every time you reset, and find a way to stop the cycle! WARNING: This game has highly di
You play as 4 escaped prisioners chained together, you have stolen a car and are trying to escape from the police. To play this game, you need 4 people, 4 Xbox controller, and sit in a weird positi
Served is played with a group of atleast 4 people (6 is reccomended).
Since the invention of the camera humankind has struggled with getting everyone's face on a group picture.
An action game which supports Philips Hue.
Detention is a short game meant to be played multiple times. Two students are locked in Detention and keep changing the game objective.