Past Games

Dug deep into the ground, the mole civilization has long kept to themselves.
A baby cow in a hot air balloon yearns for the moon.
Send a message back and forth Press R to restart, arrow keys to move. That's it.
Grid Rhythm is a fun and addictive puzzle platformer where you have to make it to the gold tile at the top by tapping to the rhythm of the bass. Every twelve beats the tiles will switch direction and you have to watch out for the black tile as it brings DEATH! Each tile does something different when you are on it. Blue only allows you to move left and right, Red climbs ladders, White switches your direction, and Purple (which comes in later levels) skips you over a tile, even Black! Touching the wall turns you around and also changes the walls direction, but only if the wall is moving left to right, not up and down. Enjoy!