Jeffrey Boyer

Past Games

Play as a swarm of robotic bees! Manage the fuel levels of your individual beebots to best serve the hive. Bee careful though - an unfueled bee no longer contributes its programming to the hivemind!
Regain your lost memories and find the reason why the world ended.
What’s a cow to do when her farmer is taken from her by a group of aliens and their evil, chicken overlord? Meet Ol’Betsy, a dairy cow with Duke Nukem-like inner monologue and a taste for vengeance.
You have entered a creepy old mansion in search of your great grandmother's prized antique chair. Unfortunately, the place is full of antiques. But not all of these items are as...
A platforming game where the player controls multiple characters at the same time.
We're boxed in, what the (hell) do we do now?
Play as Zec, an extraterrestrial captured by evil scientists, and find your way out of an ever changing maze of cube rooms. Be careful though!