Past Games

A layed-back game where you, the parent slime, are playing a game of tag with your children. It's meant to melt your gelatinous heart!
Ó Kù Té: battle of the blocks, in the temple of thought. · Three sworn friends enter the temple, to claim the title Master of thought, ruler of Ó Kù Té. · Each is randomly bestowed with a hidden shape, consisting of 4 square tiles, each in a different configuration and direction. · These shapes each represent a fragment of the secret of Ó Kù Té, and when a competitor discovers his or her shape, something of the secret is reveiled. · After entering the temple the competitors can choose 3 or more shapes out of 16 in total. 3 is the minimum, and renders the most easy level for this battle. In that case each competitor gets one shape. · The more shapes the competitors decide to choose, the more dificult and complex the mind battle will be. After all each competitor can secretly receive up to 5 different shapes to look for, and thus, 5 shapes to remember, hidden in the playfield to discover. · Each discovered (constructed) shape will gain the competitor 1 point. · But a competitor may accidently construct a shape for one of his opponents, who will get a point then. · One competitor may discover the shape of an opponent before this opponent finds it himself. He can disturb his opponent by destroying his or her shape (by taking out a tile). · There are 15 turns in total, each competitor gets 5 turns. · The competitor with the most points wins, and is the Master of thought, ruler of Ó Kù Té.