Past Games

A 2D platforming adventure starring Crabby the crab. Crabby uses his special shells to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. Pickup different shells to wield different abilities.
You have forsaken Poseidon, God of the Sea. You and your crew have failed to pay tribute and now he will only accept your lives as recompense.
To succeed in What do? We Do. NOW! you must do what What does when he says NOW!
An arcade shooter where enemies copy your attacks
You control a nanobot in a patient's bloodstream. Avoid the red blood cells and shoot the virus cells. Destroying the red blood cells will hurt the patient, and destroying the virus cells will help the patient. The green health bar represents the health of the nanobot, and the red health bar represents the health of the patient. Use the mouse to move, and the left mouse button to shoot.
One player is a dino trying to get back to it's nest. The other player is a time traveler from the future defending the dino from aliens. Dino and traveler work together.