Past Games

Your roomates are lazy, cigarette-addicted hippies, who distribute their disgusting, smelly scents in the whole house. Now, you've had it, you want them gone! But how will you get them out?
Four player realtime Worms with teleporting stomping awesoming tanks.
Move your boat to opposite corner by shooting comets or spawning swirls.
The Dark Trials is a 4-Player offline arena-brawler in which you play a cultist initiate who is hoping to ascend to the ranks of the members.
You and your friend are stuck in this castle. "What do we do now?" you ask? Well, you need to find out! A two player 2D explorative coop platformer.
John was fired from his job outside of the office building by his boss.
You are trapped in a dark and scary place. All you have is lighter casting a ray of hope into the darkness. Can you find a way out before you run out of soothing candles and panic overwhelms you? This game is build upon HTML5 standard elements (Canvas/Audio), so make sure you play it in a browser that supports them appropriately (Chrome, FireFox, Safari, IE10). Use headphones for maximum goose bump pleasure.