Past Games

It's like chess, but with vampires. During the day, your units are people - but as with many gothic horror tropes, at night they turn into terrifying creatures with new abilities!
You're an alien stranded on the far off future planet of... Earth.
https://youtu.be/G2MhVNrYkF4 Everything is sticky in space! Fight other players in a battle royale ship construction mess. Insert rest of description here.
Cook the best meal you can given you limited budget and inflated food prices. Disclaimer: alcohol and drug usage. How to play: - Use the grip or trigger buttons on the Vive controller to pick up it
Earth has received a transmission from an invading alien threat.
Casual board game utilising numbers and shapes. Find the rules here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19604cTjP-aFdeTdXYBtsG9Lh2b0ppA00rMDf7PaHNBE/edit?usp=sharing
Ride a wave expressed as a sum of many sine waves, and try to avoid the deadly laser for as long as possible. Literally every single button is the controls.
NECROMANCERS - FIGHT! Two diabolic ritualistic necromancer summoner masters are fighting to destroy each other. Local 1v1 with two controllers or keyboard.