Javier H. Mora

Past Games

This is a fast paced top-down arcade game where you have to take the lost waifus to their homes.
you broke your girlfriend photo , repair it and she will reward you.
You are now an employee in the Factory of the famous "Kaori" Teddy bears. Craft teddy bears for different customers in a time attack fast peaced game that will get you crazy.
El proyecto original comenzó como un tetris multiplayer, para finalmente terminar como una novela gráfica que trata sobre los distintos significados que puede tomar el hogar. El juego tiene 6 final
An urgent message for peace must be delivered... but something happens. An island. No way out. Can you find a way to save the world?
Mr.Wave deberá encontrar la señal de wi-fi para poder hackear los datos que necesita en cada misión
This guy is stuck in his daily morning ritual. Every single day he wakes up, has a shower and drinks his coffee. But today will be different. Leaving home in time will get him killed...
Two brothers go on a boat trip but suddenly the engine breaks down and they find themselves adrift in the ocean. The player must find a way to ask for help and get rescued.