Jan Sima

Past Games

A mirrored endless runner game based on the Asian proverb Mirror Flower, Water Moon (鏡花水月) - meaning something that can be seen but not touched, like a flower reflected in a mirror or the moon reflect
You are a devoted employee of the Lost and Found division of the Russel Intergalactic Clutter Retrieval (RICR) company.
A VR game for an Android device where you are looking for the place where you belong. A place you can call home. The trick is that you don't know who or what you are.
Fight against other viruses over the control of a living cell. Consume parts of it to get stronger or infect other parts to prevent rival Viruses from feeding on it.
You are a bat. Fly trought the caves as fast as possible but watch out for darkness and competition that tries to get in your way.
Avoid or cause disasters by performing shaman dance rituals.
Two burglars get trapped inside a magician's laboratory. They need to cooperate and get out using what they can find. The are many suspicious potions, levers and other contraptions.

Hearty Games