Past Games

GAME USES A CONTROLLER: Left and Right analog sticks control left and right arms Bottom Button controls legs ('A' on XBox controllers) Left and Right bumper buttons control grabbing
Dive deep in your submarine to light the depths of the ocean.
After generations, some of the tribesfolk have reported that the idolized egg has begun to rumble.
One person must become many to solve their trials and tribulations. Team up with 3 friends to find your way through the world.
You are in the middle of your daily, pointless small talk with Bob by the water cooler. But without notice, your world changes. Office Life isn't quite the same from then on.
A 2D platformer based around a man with an addiction. They tried to make him go to rehab, and now he's on a mission to escape while keeping up his bad habit... the only problem is that his substance of choice isn't exactly heart-healthy, and he has to manage his addiction. Help him navigate his surroundings and make his exodus without succumbing to heart failure.