Jacky Chou

Past Games

- A game that shares joy and sorrow. - 2 players: one player is a happy planet, one player a sad planet. - One player exhale, one player inhale (Using microphone).
Saiko chan is on her way to find something that she lost: a cute SQUIRREL photo! So... Please help her to find the lost photo, Using her magical camera! 一個十三歲少年,兒時跟松鼠的一張合照被風吹走掉,因而踏上尋找照片之路。
A game about mending your broken heart. Share the love out. Let's mend each other's hearts. Let us mend the world together. Let all of us love each other.
A game about a family of turtles helping each other out preparing to welcome a new family member.
Hello, Operator! Allow me to personally welcome you to your new job at Transcom! We have the trusted responsibility of making sure that messages go from the SENDER to the intended RECIPIENT.
Sparta Chicken is an 8bit action game which you control a chicken to protect your family from dangerous enemies which come in waves.
Day-to-Day is a digital strategy board game for 2-4 players. Based on the concept of "Do the right thing at the right time".