Past Games

Happy Places Arrow Keys / WASD to move, spacebar to breathe
Ready? Set? GO!!! Omage is physical game for you smartphone.
Have you ever wondered to what extent your everyday decisions shape your life and personality? Can you attain your aspirations in life through taking binary choices? Live up to It!
A family member is braindead, lying in hospital. You dive into your memories and experiences you had with that person. His heartbeat follows you, until... .... Our lives are digital. In order to trigger emotional impact and thus social impact, one can use digital interactive narrative as a means "to alter forces within the target", i.e. the player. Modern society is fast-moving, generally people do not often pause to reflect on their lives. One naturally suppresses the thought of death. However, death loses its threat if it naturally accompanies life. Pace tries to make the player aware of his/her own mortality and the mortality of loved ones. What stays after death, is the memory of loved ones, the memoria. Romans believed that the loved ones only had a good after-life as long as they were remembered. Mourning is a process of letting go and at the same time a process of treasuring memories. Pace is an attempt to create a digital space to trigger memories, to inspire to decelerate, to inspire to spend quality time with loved ones. Place tries to create a little window to contemplation. ---------------------- Pace's motifs are very suttle. ~ seasons symbolise circle of life ~ flatline depicts loss, death and symbolises the difficulty of helping someone to die and of letting go. ~ walk in the park: memory of loved ones, the walk towards death, Near-death experience:"I did not want to leave this place." ~ The pace maker reflects the medical fight and denial of death. When you pace, you walk slowly, decelerate, pause to reflect. When you keep up with someone's pace, you make a conscious choice with whom you spend your time. ~ The first and last medical sign of life is the heart-beat: doctors tracking the heartbeat of a foetus or a flatline as a digital indication of death. --- Instructions: Input: Press the keys "1" and "0", mimicking the heartbeat
Two player music game. Step sequencer, that can be filled in a dialouge fashion.