Past Games

A long-form head to head strategy game for the Blinks! Outsmart and outwit your opponent to be the first to build a chain, using pushing and rotation to shake up the playing field.
Cool fun blinks game
A VR Experience You're home and cooking for a hungry family! Cook quickly and try not to make a huge mess!
3 Roles: Signaler, Receiver, Interceptor Signaler is dealt a card with one of the following: Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes. When the round starts, the Signaler has 5 seconds to transmit to the Rece
See how many people you made happy with your expressions. How it works: - Manipulate face to make expression. - Each level has different age groups that you need to make different faces at.
Y'know when someone waves at you and you eagerly wave back?