Jānis Skuja

Past Games

he gameplay: a player will chose what move to do and then the character flips to the other side of the screen and changes color, while the sword stays on the first side and he sort of attacks himself.
​I tried to make a game during GGJ, but RL stuff got in the way, so this is what I got..
You're a slime, that is lost in the woods. You have to find a way out, avoid adventurers, and solve puzzles!
The year is 9094. The Earth is dying, and there are no valuable resources left. As a last attempt of survival, Earh Government sent out thousands of spacecrafts to gather resources from planet "
In a galaxy far far away in a distant past, the intergalactic overlord Owen Red Wilson met with the last remaining blue resistance ship.
Ride the sinus wave, get balls for max score and speed. Avoid the red balls and upper/lower walls - they decrease your speed.
Game is about great Latvian ritual at summer solstice - the fire ritual.
The game is a short fast paces 3d puzzle-platformer with minimalist graphics, consisting of few short easy puzzles anyone can overcome.