Jérôme Garcia

Past Games

Play vaillant pirates on a sinking ship. From 2 to 4 on the joystick or keyboard. Catch driftwood to repair, bail out, steer the boat to avoid reefs... Coordinate to stay alive as long as possible!
You have broken your key in the door so you need to go inside your house by the window... But the house is MAD ! and there is plenty of traps . Try to don't die and disable all the traps.
Survive in your dungeon and kill all enemies ! Oh wait ! You can't kill this one .... Maybe you should kick him off your screen and send him in the dungeon of another of yours co-players :P
It's all about construction ! And about time !
Ritual rush is local multiplayer tactical turn-based game Two shamans compete each other in a sacrifice run.

Hearty Games