Past Games

-Puzzle platformer -You will recall your habits -Then you must break them
Check Mates is about how people's perceptions are based on who they are and how they communicate & act.
Heart of Zarar is a game were the player controls Spaceman Jones using the arrow key through a complex bio world. The player will experience the surrounding environment to change according to the living heart beat of the ship. The player will encounter many dangers which will try prevent Spaceman Jones from escaping. The player must navigate through each level safely avoiding spikes and electric doors in order to progress to the following stages. Available on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zzymyn.ggj2013
Omelette Boris is a 2D physics-based puzzle platformer where you must control the life cycle of chicken and egg to proceed.
The Melbourne Mega Mashup! A collaboration of over 100 programmers, artists, designers, writers, musicians, journalists, and more: we are proud to present the Credits Game of the #IGDAMJAM.