Past Games

BAAAd Dreams is a side scrolling tower defense game where you play as Billy inside his bedroom. Fire pillows at incoming sheeps to protect your pillow fort, and bed!
Do you have an expensive keyboard? DO you want to play a game thats made in 45 hours? WEll we have the game just for you!!!11! ~~Pass the note to pass your exams!!
Oscillate is a 2 player action game where players of different colors aim to block waves from the epicentre in an attempt to gain as many entities in a fixed duration.
Fruits, in a forest, markings on the ground, what?! What do we do now?! Jam Gem is a 2 player puzzle game where players decide what to do by communicating / co-operating with each other.
Kosmo's Dating Service! Play your way through as a manager in charge of a Dating Service Cafe as you match up singles that are ready to mingle! Find out what makes these people tick and stew up wonderful (or the corniest) feelings of love! - Generate heart coins by keeping your customers love-stricken as long as possible! - Use these heart coins to improve your cafe, these will help to keep your customers comfortable, happy and of course, in love. - Don't forget the Intergalatic signboard! It seems we arn't the only living beings in the universe... who are single and lonely.
What if there was life after death? What if we could make up for the sins of our previous existence in the afterlife? What if immortality was the reward for this cyclic renewal of life? \ \ Pandora is an attempt at capturing this concept of birth and death, and the unending return that awaits.
A game where you are supposed to save planets bearing life from facing extinction and being sucked into a massive black hole which will spell certain doom!!!!