Irhi Altamirano

Past Games

A small Unity project with custom controllers with Arduino You love repairing broken things and you have the right tools for each job The thing is, that you toolbox is a crane game!
Tu bebé pollito está llorando, hacé algo! Your baby bird is crying, do something!
Face off against your friends in a frenetic battle by hacking cardboard airplanes (your friends', not your own, duh!)!
Back in ancient times, before the deluge drank the old world, there was a bard who took it upon himself to improve the lives of the people using the power of his music.
Sos una cantante soprano llegando tarde a la obra de Opera. Sin embargo en tu camino se cruzan fans, autos e incluso caen pianos.
Eres Nisman. Estás en el baño. Suena tu celular...
The character will find different masks through the game. When he uses them, they will alter the escenario. It is necessary to use each mask in a certain order to advance though the levels.