Past Games

Inspired by the 2020 diversifiers and a love of spreadsheets, this quick spreadsheet game challenges your ability to follow directions!
In a world of hardships and relationships, the shapes have seen it all.
My personal design constraints were: - Co-op - Playable by my 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter - On a mobile device This worked out pretty well, given the target audience...
Assault is an abstract strategy game mechanically influenced by the theme of transmission. Players move pieces with command cards adding a pre-programming aspect to this game.
Inspired by "the wave" that occurs in a stadium.
A Boggle-like word game where the letters can change mid-game. We intended to include dragon-art, but didn't get it implemented in time (thus, the title). This game asks players to take a moment to appreciate love in their lives. As players contribute, the hidden image is revealed. When the image is entirely revealed, the game is won, but winning isn't really the point.
Ouroboros is an abstract strategy game for 2-4 players, best with 2 players. Players start with no cubes, gain cubes during gameplay, and the winner is the first person to get back to zero cubes. One games takes roughly 15 minutes. Instead of cubes, players may use materials on-hand like coins, dice, or other bits.