Past Games

Slip in the role of are a real estate architect who has to build the perfect home for the customers.
A game about game jaming. Manage a team in a game jam and survive in the jungle of game making.
This Real-Time-Online-Multiplayergame is about persuading other people to not see the things as they are, but to see the things as we are.
Lambency and gleaming Dust * \ Cross the threat'ning Void we must ~~~ \ \ Journey through the Nether Blight * \ Reach the Shores of Gold so bright ~~~ \ \ Over Loops and Rings we shift * \ Lest Dusk falls - we travel swift ~~~ \ \ Polarize the Lightning Bugs * \ Make them help you jump the Gaps ~~~ \ \ Hunting you, a Blazing Glare! * \ Irradiatin' Flames - Beware! ~~~ \ \ Attitude won't help defy - * \ Dread the Ferocious Firefly! ~~~

Hearty Games