Past Games

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Uma jornada para uma recuperação A journey to recovery
A brief journey in search of a new home common to all of us
A girl gets pissed off when a bunch of pirates robs a lot of songs from the audio streamer that she used to hear from so, she goes after them to bring all the stolen data back. controls: space to sho
A game about how the corruption affect our lives, like a wave.
This game is about an indian girl that needs to save her tribe. It's an adventure plataform game. How to play: use D to move right and A to move left. SPACE to jump.
English - A group of people will have to take some decisions in hard situations. / Portuguese - Um grupo de pessoas que terão que tomar decisões em situações difíceis.
This is about someone looking for the true reality that will depend of how he will feed the only being that could show the real truth, a robot.