Ingemar Ragnemalm

Past Games

Very quick last minute hack on the last day, a simple 2D maze game with limited visibility. If I had had time, I would add a goal and maybe more, and of course 3D, and even more 3D.
A game where you score points for improving your relations. However, in order to improve them, you must first ruin them... but not so much that you break up!
One-hour quick hack.
A simple 2D web browser game where you have the task of sending information packages to satellites by aiming properly and then sending when the accurcy, and thereby the odds for the package to be deli
Prototype for a simple board game about swimmers.
6 hour project! A simple edutainment game for training math. Complete with sound effects and highscore list, and crude graphics.
Board game, designed and play tested in a first version during GGJ. Resource management and conflict/war game where the goal is to be the last remaining player. You are threatened equally by too little as too much population.