Ignacio Quiroz

Past Games

A side scroller runner were you, the adventurer must escape from a giant wave summoned by a devil wizard. Can you survive and outrun the wave and avoid the obstacles?
With a MIDI Controller. It's a multiplayer game that you have to use Faders/Knobs to control pallets against your opponent. You win when your score is greater.
Tendrás que completar una cadena de ADN colocando las piezas que falten para permitir que una criatura pueda evolucionar correctamente. ---------- You'll have to complete a DNA chain by placin
Un juego de plataforma. Donde el jugador debera juntar orbes para ganar el juego. Is a plataform game, where the player need to collect orbs to finish de game.
Small puzzle and action game where you are one light's guardian and you have to turn on altars of light avoiding traps and enemies through different procedural stages.