Past Games

Survive the trench and shift at the right time to warp out and win
Astral spiritual DDR of sorts - Ascend away from your earthly form to join the Celestial Dance!
PvP battle! Radio controlled robots on Mars battle it out with bombs and lasers! Watch out for signal lag and signal interception! Game Requires 2 gamepad controllers.
You are a rocket technician thrown into the pilot's seat at your command center in a secret government organization and you have to manually control the rocket through your enemies counter rocket
Quaver = quantum waver You are a... wait. None of this makes any sense. Aim your cat puke at the shoes. Hit the shoes and be transported to their location. LOOK! NEW SHOES TO PUKE ON!
This project is an ambitious game-jam experiment to combine VR, Multiplayer, and 3D (most of our previously projects were 2D) to explore the idea of cognitive behavioral modification in a rippling sea
Catch some Zzzs before your alarm clock goes off! Use the left and right arrows to move. Press the 'z' button for extra Zzzs :)
Each night Danceferatu the vampire needs to perform his pre-feeding dance ritual!
I like pugs. Pug-pug's Bathtime Ritual is inspired by my interactions with pugs and this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsI9e4h-cKQ Avoid missing bottles for high score.
A side scrolling adventure game where a Phoenix has stolen the power of the sun, plunging the world into darkness and stealing all the colors in the world.
Sunlight is setting on your idyllic cabin in the woods. You (or your loved one) develop an illness and progressively get sicker as you take a stroll through the foliage. What do you do now?
Apply Katana Justice to evildooers. But sometimes the evildoers aren't so evil...
You see the world as you see yourself. Look in the mirror.
A child racing around the yard can be anything they want to be.
A game about being a small part of something much bigger that's a small part of something much bigger.
Masks is a game that is a bit of a mixture between classic Legend of Zelda and Hotline Miami. The goal is to kill ghosts by matching different mask colors to their color.
Cardio 54 is the hottest artery in the thoracic cavity and it's your job to make sure only the hippest, healthiest blood cells get in. Watch out- if you clear a cell for entrance there's no going back, even if its sickly vibe will mess up the groove! Also don't forget to keep that blood pumpin' by manually operating the heart. Because, you know. Blood. Controls: Left click- select a cell Space or Right click- beat heart (do this to the beat or you may make yourself worse off) Letter key- tap the key corresponding to letter the selected cell to let it in (only let healthy cells in!) Shift + Letter key- do this to boot sick cells from the waiting room Don't let your blue vein health bar run out (by failing to keep your heart going) or let the entrance get too crowded (by not letting cells in fast enough)! WhileTrueFork (game dev): www.whiletruefork.com Ian Faleer (music): ianfaleer.bandcamp.com
A game that posits that our pain, suffering, disease, fear, hate, and insecurities are part of a dance; one that is beat out in the rhythm of our human hearts.You play as a girl that must escape a personification of "Life is a bear" and unlock gates to reach her goal of balancing the dance of life against her own problems. You walk a line between two worlds, and the environment changes as you are swept between them.
Our concept for GJG 2012 tells the story of a young woman lost in a temple where the walls are constantly moving around her. Searching for something long lost she explores the changing environment and eventually has to face giving up her life. Well, or she would have if we'd had about five more hours. In lieu of this, she has to face the place where that would've happened instead...
The world is ending! Aw man! \ You've packed up into your trusty old bus, and are high tailin' it down the highway. But watch out! The apocalypse is on your tail! Right behind your very bus, the world is crumbling into the void, and otherworldly monsters await your inevitable fall to the void. \ Can you out run the end?