Past Games

The Emperor Rakifiskikus of the alien race of Smorgsarsbordarians (no connection to the Scandinavian buffet board) in anticipation for the Annual Lutefisk Eating Competition prepares a sumptuous banqu
You are stranded on a rogue moon, in search for a new home... You'll need to establish communication with each star system you visit by establishing a stable orbit around the system's sta
[Bronze Medal Popularity Award Winners] Made by the Potbelly Vikings and A Gozitan.
Welcome aboard Space-Station Vostoke tovarisch. Please take a seat and make yourself comfortable. Instructions will be given to you shortly. в катастрофе is a collaborative 4-player game in which
*** Winner - Most Unusual Game *** *** 3rd Place - People's Choice Award *** Two beings plummet simultaneously towards their death. Letters and faint lights tumble along in the background.
** WINNER - Best Digital Game 2014 ** Become the Kaledionaut; affected by external forces you are thrown out of your inner sanctity of calm.

Hearty Games