Past Games

Chasing After the Light is the entry game for team Times Two for the Global Game Jam 2022. Try not to lose trail of the Light Rune.
Our hero Muffin Kırmızıgül is loved by everyone. He loves helping people. A little pensive lately. For this reason, he does not remember the birthday of his girlfriend Muffiniye ...
Elinizde sihirli bir değnek olsa ne yapardınız? Belki bir çoğumuz Dünya'yı daha iyi bir hâle getirmeye çalışacaktı.
Our alcoholic hero is very fond of nightlife. To earn points is enough to consume alcohol, but if it exaggerates, his wife does not take him home.
Our game name is A Pirate's Tale. Our story begins with our main character who wants to be King of Pirates after he killed a cruel dragon.
8bit Survival Game