Ian Quint Leisner

Past Games

Para a família brasileira, não há nada mais importante que o LAR. Proteja ele de seus parentes inconvenientes e evite uma reunião de família tragicamente memorável.
Buy drugs from your drug dealer and sell them to street addicts while you try to run away from the police.
Every day, a man broadcasts a show to his missing wife. When there are signs she might be hearing him, how can he not question his own sanity?
The game Poseidon is about the intervention of Poseidon to the whale hunt. It's a multiplayer game where you can choose between the Hunter and Poseidon and utilize powers to battle!
A visual novel about the sea, and the lives that float in its waves.
Be a pirate with a partner and follow the orders of your great captain to make the trip calm and lovely.
A young wizard strides off her suburban apartment with an unusual quest: to find a way to relinquish her magic powers. Yes, you heard that right. And no, I don't get it either.