Past Games

Repairing your brains since 1993
Home [eng]: A place of dwelling Home [fin]: Mold This is a game where you should be collecting rats to lure the cat to scratch a way the bad mold, so the good mold could prosper, due to the good m
"Steve and Seagull" is a game about a beautiful and happy whale, who is harassed by a devious chili-loving seagull (you). Your objective is to survive the waves splashed by Steve the Whal
A quick mobile game about banishing demons with a ritual circle of magic orbs
Welcome to Moving Mania, a game that simulates the frustration and disarray of a deliver's job!
The game is about preventing our main character Jammu the alcoholismus, to get to the alcohol store without killing him, or letting him die. The theme of the Jam shows in the game with the differen